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how to get pages indexed


  • October 3, 2018

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Ryan Stewart

I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. I'm highly active on social media and love a good debate.

If a page isn’t in Google’s index, there’s 0% chance that it will receive organic traffic.

Indexation, in an over simplified nutshell, is step 2 in Google’s ranking process :

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

This article will focus on how to get Googlebot to index more pages on your site, faster.


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How to check if your pages are indexed by Google

The first step is understanding what your website’s indexation rate is.

Indexation rate = # of pages in Google’s index / # of pages on your site

You can review how many pages your website has indexed in Google Search Console’s “ Index Coverage Status Report “.

check indexation in google search console

If you see errors or a large number of pages outside of the index:

  • Your sitemap might have URLs that are non-indexable (i.e. pages set to NOINDEX, blocked via robots.txt or require user login)
  • Your site might have a large number ‘low quality’ or duplicate pages that Google deems unworthy
  • Your site might not have enough ‘authority’ to justify all the pages

You can dig into the specifics in the table underneath (this is an awesome new feature in Google’s updated Search Console).

find indexation issues in search console


How to get pages on your site indexed

I hate to be cliche, but you really need to deliver the right experience to get Google’s attention. If your site doesn’t meet Google’s guidelines in regards to trust, authority and quality, these tips will likely not work for you.

With that being said, you can use these tactics to improve your site’s indexation rate.


1. Use Fetch As Google

Google Search Console has a feature allowing you to input a URL for Google to “Fetch” . After submission, Googlebot will visit your page and index.


Here’s how to do it…

  • Log into Google Search Console
  • Navigate to Crawl Fetch as Google
  • Take the URL you’d like indexed and paste it into the search bar
  • Click the Fetch button
  • After Google had found the URL, click Submit to Index

Assuming the page is indexable, it will be picked up within a few hours.


2. Use internal links

Search engines crawl from page to page through HTML links.

search through links

Image credit

We can use authority pages on your site to push equity to others. I like to use Ahrefs “best pages by links” report.

ahrefs best pages by links

This report tells me the most authoritative pages on my site – I can simply add an internal link from here to a page that needs equity.

It’s important to note, the 2 interlinking pages need to be relevant – it’s not a good idea to link unrelated pages together.

Read my guide about internal linking silos


3. Block low quality pages from Google’s index

While content is a cornerstone of a high quality website, the wrong content can be your demise. Too many low quality pages can decrease the number of times Google crawls, indexes and ranks your site..

For that reason, we want to periodically “prune” our website’s by removing the garbage pages

Pages that serve no value should be:

  • Set to NOINDEX . When the page still has value to your audience, but not search engines (think thank you pages, paid landing pages, etc).
  • Blocked via crawl through Robots.txt file . When an entire set of pages has value to your audience, but not search engines (think archives, press releases).
  • 301 redirected . When the page has no value to your audience or search engines, but has existing traffic or links (think old blog posts with links).
  • Deleted (404) . When the page has no value to your audience or search engines, and has no existing traffic or links.

We’ve built a content audit tool to help you with this process.


4. Include the page in your sitemap

Your sitemap is a guide to help search engines understand which pages on your site are important.

Having a page in your sitemap does NOT guarantee indexation, but having failing to include important pages will decrease indexation.

If your site is running on WordPress, it’s incredibly easy to setup and submit a sitemap using a plugin (I like Yoast).

Read more about how to build a sitemap

Once your sitemap is built and submit is GSC, you can review in the Sitemaps report .

xml sitemap indexation rate

Double check to make sure all pages you want indexed are included. Triple check to make sure all pages you DON’T want indexed are NOT included.


5. Share the page on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful network that Google crawls regularly (they index Tweets, too).

Google indexes Tweets

It’s a no brainer to share your content on social media, but it’s also an easy way to give Google a nudge.


6. Share the page on high traffic sites

Sites like Reddit and Quora are popular sites that allow you to drop links. I make it a regular practice to promote recently published pages on Quora – it helps with indexation, but also can drive a ton of traffic.

promote on quora

If you’re feeling lazy (and grey hat), you can buy “social signals” on sites like Fiver.


7. Secure external links to the page

As previously mentioned, Google crawls from page to page through HTML links.

Getting other websites to link to yours is not only a huge ranking factor, but a great way to pick up the indexation of your website.

The easiest ways to get links:

  • Guest post on a relevant, authoritative website
  • Find relevant bloggers or media sites and reach out with an advertising request

This is grossly over simplified – you can check out my top link building tactics for more ideas.


8. “Ping” your website

Sites like Ping-O-Matic that send “pings” to search engines to notify them that your blog has been updated.

website pingers

Honestly, it’s not the greatest method – but it’s fast, free and easy to use


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  • gt Says
    7 years ago

    Great! thanks for your information

  • Kevin Says
    7 years ago

    Can you index content on 3rd party sites using the GWT method or only from your own site?

    • Ryan Stewart Says
      7 years ago

      You can only index sites with this method that you have access to their webmaster tools

      • Loree Says
        6 years ago

        The pusrcahes I make are entirely based on these articles.

  • Brandon Says
    7 years ago

    Hi, you mentioned Rank Crew for their bookmarking service. Would you recommend using them for their other link building services as well?

  • Madii Khan Says
    7 years ago

    Hey Ryan excellent article. My backlinks at stumbleupon and delicious etc are not indexed yet by google although I’ve made them 2 months before. Should I share them on G+ profile to get indexed faster or should I use GWT and fetch them…? Can you help me here?

  • will Says
    7 years ago

    All of these awesome tips and tricks will not disappear anytime soon, right?

    • Ryan Stewart Says
      7 years ago

      nope, i don’t write about bullshit trends. this is good ol’ fashioned SEO

  • MattgDavison Says
    7 years ago

    “i don’t write about bullshit trends. this is good ol’ fashioned SEO”

    Will use this as my about ryan, for a post im writing.


    Nice one, was not aware you had such a big PBN. Im generally whitehat, and want to know if the ROI is really big on this and do I have to be carefull about my footprint?

  • Joe Lawrence Says
    7 years ago

    More great tips from Ryan! I got profiled on a well established blog a few years ago and I noticed they changed over their subdomain url. So even though the original article about us was indexed, the new one was not! Had to google this to remind myself of the process and glad I found this article!

  • Deepak Agnihotri Says
    7 years ago

    I have used these all methods but backlinks for my website have not indexed in Google. We can’t submit backlinks for our website in Google webmaster tool. Please give me some other way. It has been 20 days.

  • Asif Nandla Says
    7 years ago

    Thanks Ryan for sharing this wonderful information. I saw alot of people saying to buy some services on BHW for backlinks indexing… though they are all blackhats, My Question is, If we use Google ADDURL service to get third party pages indexed, is it safe ?

  • Dave Ramirez Says
    7 years ago

    I went with RankCrew. Help me SEObi wan kenobi, you’re my only hope!

  • Laurie Says
    6 years ago

    Hi Ryan
    If I create a page on my site that has my back links on.. Then i submit that page to Google fetch and render.. Would that get all the links on that page indexed??

  • tom Says
    6 years ago

    hi Ryan
    great post but dumb question from me

    when you say put your back link into google plus to get it indexed what exactly are you `putting in`?

    – the url the link connects to?
    – the html for the link?
    – some other string?

    i don’t know what to do

    yours dumbly

  • Ella Says
    6 years ago

    my bookmarking postings are not indexed yet by google, can u plz help ??

  • Shaheen Adibi Says
    6 years ago

    Ever experimented with adding an external link to a back link you want indexed on a page on your own site and hitting crawl all linking URLs to index it? Also other Rank Crew Gigs, I’d assume you don’t use em, but are they legit?

    • Ryan Stewart Says
      6 years ago

      i dont use rankcrew anymore, but they were good for the price. i havent experimented with that, no.

  • mamun Says
    6 years ago

    Glade to know. Thanks

  • Nekraj Says
    6 years ago

    You can use social singals or web 2.0 for third party link indexed

  • eric van haaften Says
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the helpful article on getting our links indexed. It works! Just tried it to see for sure, I really appreciate your help.

  • Marcia Says
    4 years ago

    OMG, thank you so much for the step by step guide on fetching content using GWT, I had no idea and many of my links were not indexed naturally.

  • Martin Davidson Says
    4 years ago

    Hey Ryan,
    This blog helps me a lot but i am facing too much problem here.
    My site is not indexing its been month ago, don’t know what to do kindly help……

  • Yash Says
    4 years ago

    Good Article Ryan !

    i have read a lot shitty blogs that has less info and more content(which is not related to the article)


  • Mahera S Says
    4 years ago

    Hello, Sir

    I made page changes like wiget, top posts, latest posts, and others.
    Wiget updates are done because there are too many internal links.

    Take it as Google.
    However, the results of retrieval as Google does not follow internal links.
    All internal links are broken (too many internal links).

    Now there are only a few internal link links.
    However, several times tried Fecth as Google. The results remain the same, the link increases more and does not decrease.

    How do you make repairs, sir?

  • Shivam Says
    4 years ago

    Great! Do you know how to cache one page Website

  • Abhijit Says
    4 years ago


    On my website ranking my backlink not showing and I have create 10 backlink
    Please help me a href=”http://rojgarmajha.com”>help me

  • Talha Says
    4 years ago

    Very good and informative thanks
    Regards: http://www.talkstechs.com/how-to-index-your-post-fast-in-new-google-searchconsole/

  • Devraj Says
    4 years ago


    It’s all good, But I ask We have created external links for own website. so there external links how to crawl in google.

    Please help me.

  • db Says
    4 years ago

    thanks fir some unusually good articles on these topics

    is it good strategy to have my key term in the folder …..like this


    rather than

    i was thinking my first option might be good given how google prioritises …giving a 3 according to moz, and a 4 in the latter example.

    just curious even though i’ve launched with the former

    • Ryan Stewart Says
      4 years ago

      It just depends on the overall size and authority of the website. I like to add additional sub folders for bigger sites that have a lot of pages, it helps to better organize things. For smaller sites, you can get away with no sub folders.

  • Yash Says
    4 years ago

    Can you tell me which type of 3rd party links will crawled by the google because in many of my projects only 70-80% links were not crawled.

  • Bhadresh Tandel Says
    4 years ago

    Thank you so much….

  • Bharat Says
    4 years ago

    Hi Ryan,

    Hope you doing well.

    I have a query. how can we index and cached our 3 party link like (Article, Blog, Web 2.0)


    • Ryan Stewart Says
      4 years ago

      You can try sharing it on social media accounts or using a tool ling Ping-o-matic to get it indexed, but there is really no guarantee.

  • ittrafic Says
    4 years ago

    Great Information brother

  • Adrian Lawrence Says
    4 years ago

    It seems to be getting noticeably harder to get indexed pages such as profile ones, for example I have a profile on Moz.com ( https://moz.com/community/users/11580785 ) which is a very strong site and I regularly comment on their blog posts which are at most 3 or 4 clicks away from their home page but even after a couple of months pages like this are not getting indexed but Google. That is a big change from only a few years ago.

    There appear to be many other factors now at work for example the sites reputation and crawl budgets.

  • Yashwanth Raj Says
    4 years ago

    Hi! It is very informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you’ll share more articles in the future.

  • Ekaterina Melnik Says
    4 years ago

    personally, I use this website for indexing news URLs fast: https://checkseoonline.com/backlink-maker
    it’s easy, it’s free and no need to spend a lot of time

  • Christopher N Says
    4 years ago

    Dear Mr. Stewart,
    I have to tell you that Your comment “I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world’s BEST internet marketer” really intrigues me! Would you please email me at the above address…Thank You Sincerely!

  • Anjani Says
    4 years ago

    Thanks for giving the valuable information.

  • songs pk Says
    4 years ago

    Very good and informative thanks

  • vinay reddy Says
    4 years ago

    hi all, my website posts are not indexed, my website contain 4100 posts, but search consol has showing 1100 only indexed urls, now what can i do, tell me any tips to index all my website urls

  • Vince Says
    4 years ago

    I have used your tips to help index some of my site’s lost pages, somehow out of 100+ pages a few were not indexed. But with your help, i have successfully gotten them all onto google’s serps! More organic traffic for me 😀 Thank you!

  • goawayfor Says
    4 years ago


  • kasautizindagiki Says
    4 years ago

    I have used your tips to help index some of my site’s lost pages, somehow out of 100+ pages a few were not indexed. kasautizindagiki.club But with your help, i have successfully gotten them all onto google’s serps! More organic traffic for me 😀 Thank you!

    3 years ago

    You have provided quite good information through your blog post, thank you.

  • Akan Says
    3 years ago

    The information you provided has been helpful for me. Thanks

  • Angela @ Shower Journal Says
    3 years ago

    Hey Ryan, do you still believe that ping works? Please let me know your thoughts.

    • Ryan Stewart Says
      3 years ago

      Meh, I don’t think so – the best thing you can do is share it on social.

  • Elena Says
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your precious advice! The only thing i need now is a bit more of free time 🙂

  • vinod kumar Says
    3 years ago

    very good information you post . thanks for good post. thanks

  • oscar Says
    3 years ago


    I have a blog where none of the urls have been indexed yet despite of being 3 months old-
    Those urls are well published and show up on google without any problem and on console I have the canonical url from the main version of the domain https:// /

    Any advice why this might be happening?

  • Juanito Says
    3 years ago

    Google search console says my site cannot be indexed but not because of an error. What should I do?

  • hotel blue magnets Says
    3 years ago

    nice blog sharing.

  • john potter Says
    3 years ago

    My site https://www.riddleseeds.com has been indexed in google search console for about a week now and they haven’t even noticed it, thought it might of happened faster but after reading this i now know it can take up to 4+ weeks guess ill just have to wait. Great Post by the way, very good read.


    3 years ago

    awesome!!!! i have been having same indexing issues with my site …. would try using some of your tips, hope it works.

  • Fathnan Id Says
    3 years ago

    Thank you for posting this article.

  • ashley Says
    3 years ago

    Nice post.

    One question. I have updated Sitemap and submitted posts on social media but still a few of my pages still not indexed.

    The title and description is not getting updated.

    i checked in search console also there are no penalties.

  • litts Says
    3 years ago

    Good stuff

  • Sultan Says
    3 years ago

    Can I publish deleted Old blog post On New domain website because my old domain AdSense account was disabled. After that im changed the domain and can I replublised old domain posts on new domain website Please suggest me

  • Steve Says
    3 years ago

    hi Ryan great article very helping. Thank you for sharing. Found a typo in the heading first ‘How to check if your pages are indexed by Google’ just search this ‘Your sitemap might have URLs that are non-indexable (i.e. pages set to NOINEX, blocked via robots.txt or require user login)’ and you will find. Much Appreciation for your hard work.

  • John Says
    3 years ago

    I’m trying your method already to see how it goes. I have one-page site and I don’t know if it’s possible to rank when my name is typed on google.

  • Jeremy Says
    3 years ago

    I accessed Google Search Console (GSC) through a Google search with no login required. I did not see a “Fetch” option, but was prompted to enter my site’s URL (step 1). I entered the URL for the Home page of my site. GSC then presented me with a TXT code, which I entered into the TXT section of my site under “Domains” (step 2). I then was able to successfully verify the site through GSC (step 3). I did all of the above yesterday. Will this enable Google to crawl my page, or do I need to take additional steps?

  • A R Infotech Says
    3 years ago

    Thank you Ryan, sharing such a nice blog post. about indexing blog. but i have one question regarding indexing .

    It is for indexing Our Own Domain Blog post. But if i am publishing in different blog site. then how i will index website. Please share answer with me ..

    Thank you

  • Randal Says
    2 years ago

    Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out some additional information.

  • Stan Says
    2 years ago

    Good article! We are linking to this great post on our
    site. Keep up the great writing.

  • Charley Says
    1 year ago

    Great post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I’m inspired!
    Extremely helpful info specially the ultimate part 🙂 I deal with
    such information much. I was seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time.
    Thank you and best of luck.

  • Antoine Says
    1 year ago

    Great post. I will be going through many of these issues as well..

  • Alejandro Says
    1 year ago

    excellent put up, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector do not notice this.
    You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a great
    readers’ base already!

  • Don Fortier Says
    11 months ago

    I want Google to not only crawl my website but to separately crawl specific pages as a separate website. I’m hoping to have several companies ad on my site so I would like them to be listed separately as well as just on my site. How is this done?

    Thank you,

  • manthra.design Says
    3 months ago

    Thanks for the article, i just pingged my new website 🙂


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